Our Small-size wing paddle provides strong connection through the drive and a clean release. The Airfoil crossection of our wing provides hydrodynamic lift during a high angle stroke. Comfortable Oval Shaft fits your hand well and is stiff for maximum power application.


Blade Length: 19.6 in. / 50 cm
Blade Width: 6.3 in. / 16 cm
Blade Area: 113 in2 / 730cm2
Standard Length Range: 205-215cm

Airfoil Cross Section
Ovalized Shaft
Easy Adjusting Cam-collar

Stiff Cored Blades
10cm Length Adjustment Range
Fully Adjustable Feather Angle


Weight: 30 oz / 860g
Description: Stiff cored colored fiberglass blade in blue with a smooth finished oval carbon shaft. Epoxy construction in heated press molds creates a durable finished on the blade.

Hybrid Wing Paddle - BLUE