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My first time paddling a surfski was in my daughters SLS Spec ski in our local harbour.  I fell out straight away.  Although I am very sporty and have kayaked many times before I just couldn't master her ski.  Her ski was an old Dolphin Dominator and spec skis in those days were not stable-they were built for speed!  48cm wide at the beam and skinny.  I kept falling out. I got so frustrated and just couldn't understand why I couldn't get it.  I spent hours and hours in that ski.  I asked many questions of other kayakers "what is the secret?"  Most of the time I got the answer "you just need time in the bucket".  

Then I tried an ocean surfski.  Then another.  I could actually stop thinking about not falling in and actually look around and enjoy the sea, the waves, the other people, the scenery.  Ocean skis can be any width and length and stability.  I was hooked.  After getting a lesson from Ben Edom in Fishguard and making a few enquries about some Stellar products I was asked if I would be interested in becoming the Stellar dealer for Ireland.  So even though I am relatively knew to the sport myself, I would really like to try and grow the sport here and hope to have a nice community of like minded people who enjoy paddling.  

To this end I have created a neutral online place where we can share advice, meet ups, recommended places to paddle, gear sales and photos - Surfski Ireland.  Please join us! And safe paddling.


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